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Visa Services

Visa Services


Most often applying for a visa is considered a complex process, but our team is here to ease your visa processing. Our counsellor will explain to you in detail the documents required and guide you in applying for a student visa.

Under the visa, we provide the following services:

Once the visa is granted, our firm will assist our clients in proper planning of travel, ticketing, and choosing an economical, affordable and convenient route and airlines. Furthermore, we commit to assisting our clients by arranging their desired modes of transportation and supporting them throughout the journey until they arrive at their destination. We will also help you to connect with our clients who will assist you in finding accommodation, a job and other necessary assistance.

Once the visa is accepted and travel is arranged, a pre-departure briefing is conducted for our clients to prepare them to face the foreign land. They will be briefed about university enrollment, health insurance, travel necessities, food and accommodations in the destination country.

We also help you connect with existing student communities to help you in arranging accommodation, finding jobs and other necessary assistance before your departure.

We will assist our client in the fee payment process for all the colleges and your online visa payment. Moreover, we help you to deal with banks for arranging international banking services.