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SOP Services
Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  1. Brief Introduction about yourself. (mention your name, address, family, and your academic background or your current work place)
  2. Reason for choosing a particular course of study. (must mention about few unit modules which is relevant to your future career)
  3. Reason to study in Australia rather that your home country or UK, USA, Canada etc… (must mention the name of your education providers in your home country who provide chosen course in Australia, why not Bhutan)
  4. Reasons to study in Perth, why not Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, etc… ( it is to check you have done your research about Choosing a city)
  5. Reason for Choosing Stanley College/skills Australia institute/Sheffield College, (must mention the name of another education provider in Perth who delivers the same courses)
  6. The research was done on various school/courses available in Perth, Home Country. (some courses may be offered by different institutes/college, compare them with the institute you have chosen)
  7. Future plans or upon returns to home country and (mention what you are going to do once you complete the course from Australia. Mention the job opportunities in Bhutan)
  8. Any GAP- need GAP explanation any supporting documents.
  9. Ties you have to your home country.
  10. Financial ties (how are you going to fund your studies, education loan, or family)
  11. 11. Times New Roman, Font size 12, spacing 1.5 (word limit 800-1200) 3-4 pag
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